Connecting to a device

If Bluetooth is off during the start of the application, the application asks you to turn it on and after its activation it automatically redirects you to the connection screen. You can also get there through the Menu by clicking on the Bluetooth icon.

You can easily connect to paired devices by choosing one of the items in the list of paired devices.

You can add a new device by using a + button in the bottom right corner. By clicking on the button you initiate search for new devices. In order to stop the search, touch any part of the screen.

If you have Android 6 or a newer version you will be asked to add authorization needed for initiating the search. The reason is that during the whole searching time your device is visible to other devices nearby which are also searching for devices to pair with.

After the search has finished, you can select one of the detected devices. A pairing dialog box appears and asks you to enter your PIN. Once the devices have been successfully paired the application tries to connect to the device.

After a successful connection a small Bluetooth icon appears above the Menu button.

You can disconnect by using a button marked with a Bluetooth symbol in the Menu.

Support bluetooth 2.0 and 4.0 (BLE micro:bit (Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822), HM-10 (Texas Instruments CC254x), other devices can be used with custom UUID for UART service).