How to use an accelerometer

Fort those of you who want to control their device by rotating the tablet (phone), the application offers a possibility to define a message template which you can fill in with variables with current accelerometer values. For variables @x, @y and @z you can choose 0 to 4 decimal places.

Available variables are as follows:

@xAcceleration along the x axis in m/s2
@yAcceleration along the y axis in m/s2
@zAcceleration along the z axis in m/s2
@tDate and time of reading x, y, z values in ns; the value is counted from 1.1.1970 0:00 h

Coordinate system is based on the basic device orientation. Phones usually have vertical orientation and tablets horizontal orientation. Coordinate system is relative to the device screen which means that the position of axes remains the same regardless the screen rotation.